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Flea and Tick Prevention

How to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a menace to pet owners and veterinary doctors. They are hard to spot, and they are agents of human and animal disease. Many San Jose pet owners who come into Willow Glen Pet Hospital are always sure that their pets are clean. However, even the most well taken care of always have some ticks and fleas on close examination.


Here are a few tips on flea and tick prevention:

1. Have Your Dog Washed at the Vet 

Willow Glen veterinary doctors are people who genuinely know the methods of flea treatment and tick prevention. They know the right shampoos to use and even the correct washing techniques. More importantly, they know what part of your pet’s body may harbor ticks and fleas.

Store-bought animal shampoos are often ineffective when it comes to tick and flea treatment.

2. Clean Your Home Garden Regularly

The only way to keep ticks and fleas off your pet is by taking care of the source. If your home property has a yard with soil or grass, you need to do a bit of groundwork. Regular landscaping is a cheap alternative when you only have solid ground. It keeps the fleas and ticks exposed, thus giving them less space to hide. 

It is also advisable to limit the number of pets and animals that you let onto your lawn. Other pets may harbor ticks and fleas and deposit them on your dog or garden. 

3. Regular Combing 

If you can’t take your pet for regular cleaning at Willow Glen, then combing their fur helps with flea and tick prevention. This is especially advisable if your pet has a long and dense coat. Place your pet on a white cloth or towel and then comb through their fur. This is so that you can spot any ticks or fleas that drop off their body. It also helps avoid getting ticks and fleas into your garden or house floor.

4. Use a Veterinarian-Recommended Prescription

The use of chemical tick and flea treatment methods is a sure way of getting rid of pests. It is easy to follow the instructions, and the results are immediate. However, It is advisable to use chemical methods in moderation to avoid poisoning.

Get the Best Tick and Flea Treatment for Your Pet

At Willow Glen Pet Hospital, we are passionate about keeping animals healthy and clean. All our services are geared towards keeping animals clean, well-groomed, and healthy. Our services range from cleaning and grooming to immunization and even surgery,

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