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Pet Allergies

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Willow Glen or San Jose to help resolve your pet’s allergies and similar health problems, then you need to know about Willow Glen Pet Hospital.

The veterinarians at Willow Glen Pet Hospital understand that your pets are family. That is why we treat them like they are members of our family. We want them to feel as comfortable and loved in our offices as they do at home. Unfortunately, when your best friend is feeling under the weather, because of pet allergies, it can be a little more difficult to make them feel the love. We will work with you to determine the cause of your pet’s allergies and develop an effective treatment plan to address your pet’s condition and provide lasting relief.


Addressing the Allergy Problems

Allergies can be especially problematic for dogs. Your canine companion can experience massive skin discomfort and unpleasantness as a result of allergies. The problem with dogs and allergies is that they keep coming back, season after season, often becoming worse with each recurrence.

Once we identify the cause of your pup’s allergic reaction it becomes a competition to get ahead of the allergen before it hits in full force and wreaks havoc with your dog’s immune system. For some pets, this means removing the allergens from the environment. If your dog is allergic to certain seasonal objects, it may mean remaining indoors during certain times of the year. At the very least, it means limiting the amount of time your pet spends outside during these seasons.

Further Steps

For more aggressive allergic reactions, though, it may mean taking medications at certain times of the year to reduce the risks of allergic reactions, more (or less) frequent bathing, and other treatment options. We will work with you and your pet to come up with effective treatment options for your pet’s allergies and so much more.

While pet allergies are miserable and something that owners certainly want to limit, they are not the only things we treat at Willow Glen Pet Hospital. For those who live nearby in the San Jose area, we offer all manner of pet treatment services including vaccinations, wellness visits, pet dental care, spay and neuter services, surgeries, and more.

Local Help With Pet Allergies

If you are trying to find a veterinarian in Willow Glen, call Willow Glen Pet hospital today at (669) 342-7472. Our caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff is here to help with all of your pet health and pet allergy needs.


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