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Pet Wellness Exam

Your Guide to Pet Wellness Exams

Whether you have a new pet or it has been your furry friend for a while, pet wellness exams are crucial to your pet’s health. Learn more about these exams and why they are so vital with this guide provided by our team at Willow Glen Pet Hospital.

Pet Wellness Exam

Why Pet Wellness Exams Are Important

Much like you need to visit your medical doctor each year for a check-up, your pet needs regular appointments, too. Pet wellness visits are the best way to ensure your pet is developing properly and that there are no underlying issues. If there are, the appointments are essential for diagnosing these issues and developing a treatment plan.

What Happens During These Exams?

Pet wellness exams allow your veterinarian to thoroughly assess your pet’s overall health and wellness. This includes several tasks, including a discussion with you – the pet owner. This discussion will be more in-depth the first time, as your vet will need to gather as much information from you as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the answers – just share what you do know.

Your pet will also get a full physical exam. Your veterinarian will feel various areas of your pet as well as check their vitals. Labs and additional testing are also typically done. If it’s time for any pet vaccinations or boosters of previous pet vaccinations, these will occur at this time.

How Often Does My Pet Need Wellness Exams?

It’s always important to take a new pet in for a wellness exam – regardless of how old they are. You don’t know if their previous owner took them for regular pet care. Even if they did, you won’t necessarily decide to use the same veterinarian. Your pet will need to visit a vet that you choose as soon as possible so that you can be informed about your pet’s health.

How many visits they need after the initial visit will depend on their age and health. Generally, pets under one year of age will need a few visits, specifically for their vaccinations. Pets in good general health will typically only need a regular vet care appointment once per year after that. If your pet is aging or the veterinarian notices potential signs of medical issues, we will ask you to bring your pet in more often.

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