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What Pet Owners Should Know About Vaccinations

If you have a dog or cat, you will be taking them to your veterinarian for vaccines at some point. At Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose, we provide compassionate and patient care for your pet- and regularly immunize and vaccinate pets widely.


Here are some things pet owners should know:


There are basically two types of vaccines: core and non-core. Core are those that are required for your dog or cat, while non-core is more at the discretion of your veterinarian based on your pet’s history and lifestyle. Talk to your vet about a vaccination schedule during your initial visit, wellness exam, or other veterinary appointment.

Core Vaccines 

Core vaccines are required by law and failure to get pets vaccinated may result in fines from the town or municipality that you live in. Some core vaccines for dogs are:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Parainfluenza and Parvovirus (DHPP)

Rabies vaccination is required for both dogs and cats. Other core vaccines for your feline friends are Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Feline Distemper (panleukopenia). 

Non-Core Vaccines for Canines 

When making suggestions for non-core vaccines, your vet will look at your pet’s lifestyle and medical history. For instance, if your dog is around other dogs, such as frequent visits to dog parks, they may suggest the Bordetella vaccine to prevent ‘kennel cough’, a highly contagious respiratory infection. Your veterinarian may also suggest vaccinating against canine influenza or Lyme disease.

Non-Core Vaccines for Cats 

There are also some specific non-core vaccines that owners may want to consider for their cats. One example is a Chlamydia vaccine that protects against this severe bacterial infection. Also, many owners have their pet vaccinated against Feline Leukemia, which can be transmitted through other cats particularly if they are outdoor pets.  

Cats are also at risk for contracting Bordetella, so ask your veterinarian if your pet is at-risk. Also, be wary of a viral infection known as Feline Infectious Peritonitis, or ‘FIP’, which is often fatal.  

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Call Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose at (669)342-7472 to schedule an appointment or speak with our veterinarian regarding vaccinations- and other- pet services. Remember, some vaccines are core to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Don’t put them at risk and leave them unprotected; have your pet vaccinated per your veterinarian’s recommendations.


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